Adventure awaits
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2019-08-16 12:34 by Sarah Denninger
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Adventure awaits

Tomorrow at some point I will be on the road heading out to Tennessee. Truth be told I am pretty excited and can't wait to start on this adventure but at the same time, I am a little bit nervous about it. Its been a while since I have gone somewhere on my own and even though I have done it before I can't help but be aware of how long it has been. I'm sure it will pass once I am moving and heading out to my first destination. First stop will be outdoor climbing and I think that, on its own, is enough to make me feels the nervousness. First time doing any time of outdoor climbing and I am just jumping right into lead. Hopefully, I don't do anything too crazy or hurt myself on accident. 

But while I am gone I do have two things that you guys should know about. One, the 10% sale on all my artwork has ended and instead I have dropped the prices by half on most of my pieces. While I am gone for the week you will have a chance to get some amazing deals on some amazing pieces. 




The ones up above are some of the pieces that have been cut in price. If you are interested please click the button to purchase it today. Thank you all so much and I really would appreciate any purchases from you guys. 


Adventure awaits!

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