Shopping Cart Customer
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2017-12-08 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Shopping Cart Customer

I have seen quite a bit while I have worked at Kilwins but I think this one really does it for me. Now it’s not completely out there but it was still amazing to me that it happened at all. 

So im working in the store with T (if you don’t know who T is well then click here to read the other post) and we both were having a pretty good time. We were chatting in between customers and were just catching up on everything that was happening. While we are chatting we see these customers come to the door. Now our store is in this "outdoor mall" and of course with it being a mall it also means there are carts at some of the stores. T and I both look at the door and just stand still as we watch what is happening. I couldn’t believe this guy and what I was seeing. 

This guy had stolen a bass pro shop shopping cart....and yes he literally wheeled it into our store. T and I both looked at each other confused but also surprised by this sudden endeavor. He manages to get it inside, and over to the ice cream counter. His child is standing in the cart going crazy over the ice cream and both T and I didn’t say anything about the fact that it was a SHOPPING CART and NOT a stroller. So I am scooping ice cream for him when this lady comes into the store and starts talking to him. Guess what she has with her? A STROLLER. Yes ladies and gentlemen, a stroller. 

At first I was very confused as to why the guy would steal a shopping cart when they obviously have a way to transport their child. I mean Bass Pro Shop probably wanted the cart back but nooooo he just had to keep it. 

So I ring him up and he goes outside. T and I both look at each other and we both had the same thought. We both wished we got it on snapchat. Sometimes customers are so crazy that you will never forget them and others....well others create a scene that is so casual that you know it’s wrong. This was one of those cases. 

Have you seen anyone steal a shopping cart? 




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