Eargasm Earplugs
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2019-10-28 14:51 by Sarah Denninger
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Eargasm Earplugs

Last year I got these earplugs for Christmas. They are called Eargasm Earplugs and they were one of the few I saw that had good reviews for concerts. So I got a pair of them. The first thing I really liked about the earplugs was the packaging. They have a little carry case that you can put on your car keys. That makes them easy to have with you and it's not too big or bulky so you hardly notice they are there. The other thing that was interesting about them was that the package has two different size earplugs. One that's small size and one that's a large size. This way you can test them out and pick the best ones for you. 

The Icon For Hire concert was one of the first places I got to really try them. At first, I wasn't sure how they would work out but after a little bit, I realized that they made a huge difference. I could still hear the music but it wasn't a huge difference in terms of the sound. Yet when I took the earplugs out I could hear all the background noise clear as day. I was surprised by that. 

The entire concert I sat in comfort and not once did I feel like the earplugs were impairing my ability to actually hear the words they were saying. In fact, after a few minutes it seemed almost normal to me and when I took them out it took a minute for me to readjust to the normalcy of my hearing.

Sometimes when I wear earplugs I feel like I'm takin gout cotton balls and its usually pretty uncomfortable or I have to readjust them every few minutes because they slide out. These earplugs stayed where I wanted them to and they were comfortable enough that I forgot I had them in. It was wonderful and I would recommend them to anybody who loves to go to concerts but likes to be able to hear afterward. These have changed the concert game for sure and I am so excited to continue to use them. 

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