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Keep an eye out for the second video of the van conversion. It is coming to you soon. Watch the first one here. 


I would also love it if some more of these pieces sold. I have so many beautiful art pieces that are ready to head to new homes and each one is unique and ready to be hung up and shown off. The one down below is one of my personal favorites from the new set that I made. If you want to see All of my art pieces for sale click the link to check them all out in my gallery. 




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I have so many new and wonderful pieces for sale. All the ones that are ready to be shipped out are down below! Purchase them today so that they can be at your home quickly and be shown off in your home!


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2021-01-29 14:11 by Sarah Denninger
in Artwork , 18 references

There are two new pieces finally up for sale. They are down below. If you are interested purchase them now. 


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2021-01-04 19:32 by Sarah Denninger
in Artwork , 32 references

The start of the new year has been crazy. It's been a go, go, go kind of feeling, and that isn't a bad thing but it has been taking some time to get into a swing of things. Currently, I have been working out my running schedule, climbing, my morning class, artwork, and home life. It's been a challenge but I am working it out slowly but surely. As time goes on I'm sure I will find my rhythm and get back into the swing of things. for now, all I have to offer are the pieces that I have left in my gallery. They are down below and if you are interested then click the buy now button so you can purchase it right now. 


[[Gallery image missing or removed]]
[[Gallery image missing or removed]]
[[Gallery image missing or removed]]


Purchase one today and help me outtttttt. All purchases are appreciated and wanted. 

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Yesterday we did another podcast. Specifically a drunken podcast. I have to say I do enjoy these sessions and getting to talk and share our thoughts with you guys. Now I know our opinions may not be on par with everyone else that watches these videos but that's the whole point of these podcasts. To share and to get critiqued on everything and hear other opinions. Plus I mean, we get to drink and chat and have some fun for the evening. How can that be wrong? 

Now a quick update is that right now my job is on hold, apparently, I have to "go to school" before I can actually start working on the phone lines. Now I can't say what is going on per our agreement with this company but its a lot to take in and its a little frustrating but I'm gonna stick it out and keep my fingers crossed that this isn't a waste of time. 

While I am going through this class I hope you guys will continue to support me. That even means subscribing, keeping an eye out for videos, and purchasing art pieces. All purchases help and are greatly appreciated. 

Cheers to a hopeful future with this company and being able to work from home. 


The art gallery is here. Click to go there now 

This is a new piece and it is quite a looker. ITs on a piece of wood and is more than easy to hang up on a picture hanger. It would stand out in anybody's home. Go purchase it today. 


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