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Three hiking videos are posted. Down below are the videos. Make sure to watch them, give them alike, and subscribe to get more content. I am an editing machine right now so expect more to drop soon. 


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2020-09-13 18:55 by Sarah Denninger
in YouTube , 12 references

Hey you guys! Another video from Arkansas just got put up! You can watch it down below! 

Make sure to subscribe to my channel to get more videos. Today is a hardcore editing day so stay tuned! 

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2020-09-08 15:15 by Sarah Denninger
in YouTube , 34 references

I promised you guys videos of my journey as I go and I finally was able to sit down and edit one of the first hikes I did on this trip. Charlie's Bunion in the Great Smokey Mountain national park. That park is close To home and is one of my all-time favorite places to visit. UNfortunatley this was one that I couldn't take Lylah on but it was nice to know that she was somewhere safe and warm until we got back. The whole hike was al around a beautiful introduction to life on the road and it was a nice way to really get myself hyped up and hangout, my dad, before I head out on my journey across the United States. When I get back to that side of the state I am hoping to be able to do another hike with him before I go back to good ol Florida. 

But for now enjoy what I have to offer and get lost in this idea of being outside, enjoying the sun, fresh air and just being surrounded by what mother nature gave us. After all, this planet is so important and we need To learn to love it more and enjoy what is in front of us. 

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I'll be posting the next part of my Colombia series in the next few days. This last part will be about the coronavirus and how it affected us and others around us at that time. I will say that I still have the same feelings that I did right from the very beginning so if you feel different that is ok. I know everyone is getting hit by this differently and I know everyone is going to have different opinions on the subject and I respect them. I just think hat the coronavirus and the way that this is being handled is very poorly done on the government side and of course on the media side. The only reason this blew up was because the media has blown it out of proportion and now people in the medical system are lying about the numbers when it comes to people who have actually died form the virus itself making the charts way off. 

Its a time in our history that I am sure we will look back on and shake our heads. 

when we were in Colombia it was only just starting to blow up so I will be talking about what we saw and how that has changed everything since then. So stay tuned for the last part of the Colombia podcast. It is coming your way soon. Make sure to watch my latest video by clicking down below now. Thank you so much for all your help and support. 

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I finally did it. I finally posted the second part of the Colombia series and it is ready for you to watch! So watch it now! 

Be warned though that I was exhausted last night when I recorded it so I am unsure of how I feel about its completion but I am glad that I can finally check this off my list. 

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