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2020-09-13 18:55 by Sarah Denninger
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Hey you guys! Another video from Arkansas just got put up! You can watch it down below! 

Make sure to subscribe to my channel to get more videos. Today is a hardcore editing day so stay tuned! 

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Quick update, I am in Vegas! It sounds super exciting but I honestly think I won't be doing much in vegas while I am here. I am mostly getting everything ready and regrouping for getting back on the road. Due to the fact that California is literally on fire and that they closed all of their national parks I will be skipping that state and going back to Utah to do some more of the national parks. I was only in the parks for three to four days so I didn't really get to explore as much as I wanted to. 

For those of you that might be wondering what we did, we did Arches National Park, Bryce canyon national park, and Zion National Park. All of them were amazing and all of them took my breath away in different ways. It was one of those experiences were we just kept running into one amazing place after another and I swear it was something I was not expecting. Utah has literally taken my breath away. It is one of those mysterious states that I was unsure of but after visiting it in those four days I can say that it is one of my favorite states so far. 



Of course, Colorado is always at the top but in terms of places I haven't been it definitely is one of my favorites in terms of new places I went to so far. While I am in vegas i am going to get all my editing done and line up the videos for you guys to watch. It will be exciting and honestly, I can't wait to check out all the footage and let you guys see parts of what I have seen. All this hiking has been so fun and I am ready to share my stories and videos with you all. 

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My boyfriend finally came to visit me on my journey. He decided that he wanted to see Zion National Park and I can't blame him for wanting to come to visit me while I am out here. This state is beautiful and there is so much to see and do in this area. It honestly is overwhelming to think about and when it comes to deciding what to do it is kind of a lot to go through. In the end, he decided based on the photos I showed him and based on the fact that he wanted to be wowed in all kinds of ways. 

while waiting for him to arrive (on his birthday no less) my friend Steph and I were dealing with a crisis. September 8th in Salt Lake City we had terrible winds come through. They were so bad that half of the city lost power. The hotel that she was staying in didn't have power and while she and I struggled to figure out where to go to do work and get coffee we also wondered what the best course of action would be for that night. The locals kept saying that it was supposed to get worse and I honestly wasn't sure if I should get a hotel or not based on that fact alone. Like I knew it was supposed to get pretty bad but I wasn't sure if that was true. After an hour of talking in her hotel and rearranging my suitcase with clean clothes, we finally found a coffee shop that was open and had power. That meant caffeine and we could sit down and enjoy some warmth while Lylah got to be out of the crate with us. 

At the coffee shop, we sat, worked, and tried to figure out a game plan for when my boyfriend came into Salt Lake City. I knew that he would want to see Steph so I figured we could get dinner somewhere together and celebrate together. She agreed and when two p.m rolled around we realized that we had to head out and go somewhere else. The lady at the desk (in the coffee shop) was very nice and told us we could stay if we wanted but feeling guilty and understanding that she might want to go home we left and headed to our next destination. 

Next was the gym. We hit the gym in hopes that they would have power. Sadly they did not and they were only taking members. Steph was a member but I was not. Defeated we left and headed out. Literally the next two hours we drove around the city trying to get a signal and book a hotel room for the night. The storm was so bad that our signal kept going in and out and places with wifi were all shut down because of the power outage. It really was frustrating and in the end, we got hotels near the airport. 


Getting to the hotel I walked in and realized that my bf was landing right as we walked in the door. Frustrated, starving, and just not in the mood I talked with the lady trying to get everything set up. She then tells me there is a $100 deposit on the room. Baffled and tired I gave her my card and said it was fine. The card declined. Annoyed I stormed out but realized I had no other choice and went back. Sucking it up and using the Atm I put down the deposit and got everything in the room quickly. I changed and then Steph and I were off to go pick up my boyfriend. It was the most frustrating day and yet when I saw him I instantly felt better about everything. It was so nice to see him after three weeks on the road. For me, it felt like longer but that was expected to happen when I started this journey. 

Today we are going to check out Zion and tomorrow he flys home. I am sad that he is leaving but I know that is something that has to happen. It's just been nice having him here to hang out with and to explore. 


If you wish to support my journey you can click the donation button on the right-hand side of the page. Every penny helps me, you guys! I also have art pieces for sale. Click here to go check out what I have left in my gallery. 


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2020-09-08 15:15 by Sarah Denninger
in YouTube , 34 references

I promised you guys videos of my journey as I go and I finally was able to sit down and edit one of the first hikes I did on this trip. Charlie's Bunion in the Great Smokey Mountain national park. That park is close To home and is one of my all-time favorite places to visit. UNfortunatley this was one that I couldn't take Lylah on but it was nice to know that she was somewhere safe and warm until we got back. The whole hike was al around a beautiful introduction to life on the road and it was a nice way to really get myself hyped up and hangout, my dad, before I head out on my journey across the United States. When I get back to that side of the state I am hoping to be able to do another hike with him before I go back to good ol Florida. 

But for now enjoy what I have to offer and get lost in this idea of being outside, enjoying the sun, fresh air and just being surrounded by what mother nature gave us. After all, this planet is so important and we need To learn to love it more and enjoy what is in front of us. 

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As of right now, I am in Utah. Its been a few days here and it was one of those times in my trip where I have stayed still for more than twenty-four hours. Right now I am with some of my friends in Salt Lake City and it has been so nice to see familiar faces. Both of them are from my hometown and I met them through my old job at Rock Out in Destin. I became close with both of them and we all know each other from our usual hangout when it comes to our mutual friend group. So when my friend Steph told me about her trip for a year I got just as excited to do my one month. This way I could meet up with her and we could check on each other throughout our journeys.  We could support each other and meet up while we explore our wonderful world. 

It's really cool to have travel friends and its even better when those people are serious about there travel life. Its nice to know that there are others out there that have the same wants in this world as you do. 

While I am in Salt Lake I'm mostly climbing and hanging out. So far I have been on one hike here and it was quite beautiful but these past two days the whole mountains have been covered in Smoke and you can't even see the mountains when you look outside. It's really quite sad. Does anybody know what that is? Is it smoke from Colorado? or is that a haze/fog? I'm really unsure of what to call it. If anybody knows please send me an email. 

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