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Here it is. 

The second part of the van conversion. 

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 Wow, I feel like it's been forever since I Have written anything. I am so sorry it's been so long. Life has been absolutely insane lately. I've been pretty much working every single day, then going out and climbing on small trips, working with lylah, and working on the van. I have been Just totally into this craziness. But guess what. I'm at my dad's place taking a much-needed break. I'm finally taking a big breath and just stepping back from my work life to really enjoy some time off. It's five days of being in this beautiful state, hanging out with my dad, and just enjoying this wonderful location. While I am here I am going to finally give you that second part of the van conversion I promised. I have time to sit and edit and post and there is a lot to go through and put up on my page. The van's first stages re-complete and it's exciting to show you guys the process. 

So here is the first part of the video series 

This weekend the second one will drop. So keep that eye out. And once again im so sorry its been so long. Its time I got back on top of this blog. 




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Keep an eye out for the second video of the van conversion. It is coming to you soon. Watch the first one here. 


I would also love it if some more of these pieces sold. I have so many beautiful art pieces that are ready to head to new homes and each one is unique and ready to be hung up and shown off. The one down below is one of my personal favorites from the new set that I made. If you want to see All of my art pieces for sale click the link to check them all out in my gallery. 




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There are so many wonderful things about having somebody on your side. This could be anybody. A best friend, a parent, a college friend, someone who met at a bar, or even a hike. It really could be anybody. For me it's always been my dad. He's been in my corner always making sure that I got through everything that was happening and is always giving me advice when needed. 

I'm not sure how this van project would be if he didn't stop by to not only **** around but help me out. I know I released the first part of the van conversion but we are at the point where the floor is fixed and the bed frame is finished (currently) and that is because of the handy help of my dad. He helped me fix the floor (which turns out it was real wood flooring, not the laminate stuff) and then proceeded to help me with building a bed frame that fit what I needed and the size requirements. It honestly looks amazing right now and I'm so glad that I had the extra help. 

I travel and love it because of the little bit of travel we did while I was growing up. He introduced me to camping, showed me how to start a fire, gave me extra gear for birthdays and Christmas, and even introduced me into the photography world, and when you combine those things you get exactly the right combination that I love. I get to travel when I can, take videos and photos, and just enjoy what the world has given us. Currently, Covid has made things difficult and I hope that it lightens up sooner rather than later. I have so many plans to visit so many places and one of them is to go up into Canada and make my way to Alaska. I want to see so many wonderful things. I want to experience the world and that's because of my dad for staying in my corner. 

Make sure to thank those that are in your corner. Maybe you haven't spoken in a minute, maybe you haven't taken the chance to really express how grateful you are, maybe you just never thought about it because its a natural flow for things between you, and the thought never occurred to say something as simple as "thank you". So I encourage you to say thank you to that one person who is in your corner because as I have learned in the past 6-8 months saying thank you can go a long way. 

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And here is the first part of the van conversion. There is a lot that I still need to show you all and I am excited to show you how it looks now but first, here is the beginning for you to observe. 


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