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2020-10-27 15:37 by Sarah Denninger
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The last piece I made and took quite some time to dry is called Shatter. It is an oil painting and I had a lot of fun making the piece. It was something I made to show how I feel sometimes. Sometimes I feel broken and alone and in that feeling, I decided to use mosaic pieces to represent that feeling fully. Sometimes we feel alone but at the end of the day, we actually are not alone. Were not the only ones that feel shattered, broken, and sad. We can get out of that feeling eventually adn move forward. SO move forward, get back out there and do what you need to do to make things work. It will take time to heal but that's how it works. Time heals wounds. 

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If you wish to purchase this piece then click the buy now button up above. It's ready to be in your home today. 

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The creative side of me is backkkkk! Here are two new pour pieces ready for you to purchase. Of course, they need another day or two to fully dry but these are both one of a kind. Here comes the sun is actually made from an old childhood whiteboard that I was going to throw away. I got the idea that I could maybe recycle it and as it turns out, I was right. I went ahead and made it into a painting. The good news about that is that you don't need to get it framed in a shop, all you need is some screws, and bam you're done. Honestly, it's one of the most interesting pieces I have made in quite some time. 

Feeling good is made on a watercolor canvas and all it needs is a picture hanger. Both are easy and ready to rock and roll in somebody's home. I look forward to someone purchasing them. 


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So I did a thing. I decided to drastically lower the prices on all of the pieces that I Have leftover. So here they are, cheaper than ever before. Please help me say goodbye to them by making a purchase today. It would help me out greatly. 

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[[Gallery image missing or removed]]

These pieces need new homes and I would love if I could finally write in my books that they were sold. If you could share these pieces with people and let them know they are on a super sale that would be awesome. Thank you all so much. 

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Hey you guys! So it has been a few days since my trip started and I wanted to do a quick update. Right now I'm at my dad's place in Tennessee spending time with him. I haven't seen him in about four months or so and because of this, I thought I would do a stop to celebrate his birthday (he's getting old) and to get some things together before I really take off. See I had a bunch of stuff that I brought back from where I live because I don't use it and I also had a few things that I wanted to do to the van before I took off in it. One was takin gout the wheelchair that is in the van and another was to take off some plastic lining on the outside so that I have more clearance. 

This also gave Lylah a chance to have some fun at the house before we go. I wanted her to meet my dad and I wanted her to have a few days to settle with me before we go on this grand journey. While I am here I am going to be making a few art pieces for you guys but I do ask that you consider purchasing the ones I have in stock now. Just click here to go to my gallery. 

There are so many wonderful things that I am going to experience and with Lylah beside me, I am sure it will be a wonderful time. So stay tuned for photos, stories and more. Its gonna be pretty awesome. 



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Ohhh boy. We're down to four days before I head out. Today is packing up day. Tomorrow is the day I get the lift out of the van and can finally put things inside the van so that I can be ready for departure. Its exciting to think that I will be on the road and be able to wake up every day in a new place like I always dreamed. Its something that I never thought I would do because of how long it has taken to get to this point but now that I finally have found the van of my dreams, things are coming together. The Universe is trying to say something to me and I'm not sure what it's saying but I am grateful for it finally giving me the signs I have been waiting for. 

Now there are five pieces left in my gallery! Slowly but surely they have been selling and I am grateful for everyone that has been purchasing these pieces and helping me to downsize and help me with my travels. Oh how exciting it is. 

The rest of my gallery is down below! Purchase them now!

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[[Gallery image missing or removed]]
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