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Lylah is currently recovering from her surgery. By surgery, I mean the normal no babies surgery. She got spayed about five days ago and it's been interesting to see how she is with the cone on and her limited ability to be active. When you get your pup back they tell you no roughhousing, no swimming, no running, no zoomies, none of it. The only thing they can do is walk and that's it. While you walk you can have the cone off which is nice because it gives them a break from being surrounded by plastic. Of course when we walk I try to make the walks longer so that she gets some exercise and brings down the energy. It's hard when you have a six-month-old puppy whose life consisted of walking, running, hiking, and traveling every day for 10 weeks go to doing nothing but walking for two weeks. Of course, I'm hoping that the stitches will heal quicker and we can then have the cone off and she can play but only time will tell. 

Keeping my fingers crossed that we can get this pup back to a state where she's so tired that when she gets in the crate she immediately crashes. Time of course will tell. 

But besides her surgery, I do have good news. I have a possible interview with a dog kennel place just outside of Denver Colorado. Not exactly where I wanted to go but honestly I think it's better than other options I have. I'm hopeful I can make it work out. Of course, the first real step is to get the job so keep your fingers crossed for me. I'm hoping to make leaps and bounds and move west. Colorado is beautiful and I'm excited about a possible new chapter in my life. 


If you want to support my artwork you can check my gallery by clicking here now. I have some art pieces left that are ready to go to new homes today. If you don't like art, or cant have art, or maybe are allergic to artwork for some reason then you can make a donation by clicking the button on the right-hand side of the page. Any amount helps. Things are happening you guys. Things are happening

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I leave tomorrow for my trip...well I leave after a visit to the DMV so that I can get the tag and title for my vehicle but honestly that's close enough. I'm excited to finally get this process done and be on the road. Its taken too long to get everything together and even though its been nice having a few extra days to chill and hang out with others its been difficult to not get antsy and just take off anyway. There are so many places to visit, so many things to see and just so much exploring to do. Of course with Lylah it changes things a bit but I know that she will have a blast. 

So today is preparation day. I'm packing everything up, double-checking everything and then putting it in the van to get ready for takeoff. 10 A.m is when I will be at the DMV getting ready to finally put my name on this vehicle and when it is done I will be on the road ready to go see my dad for a few days. 

When I am at my dads place I will be making a few pieces for you guys and I would appreciate it if my fans (you guys) would consider purchasing some while I am on the road. The purchases will help me with my travels and will keep me going throughout the two months I get to explore. 

Currently, I have five pieces left in stock and would appreciate you guys taking a look and seeing if any of them pique your interest. Check them out by clicking here now! 

I hope you guys are excited about some awesome videos and photos. Its gonna be a treat!


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I'm leaving in a few minutes to head out and get the van inspected. If everything works out then it will be mine by tomorrow at the latest. I'm not going to lie, I'm nervous but excited and hopeful. I really do want this to happen and of course in its place im selling Tod, my truck. I'm sad to see Tod go but having three vehicles is too many for me. I can't drive all three and I certainly don't see the point in keeping it if I don't plan to use it, you know? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will sell quickly and efficiently. 

Please keep your fingers crossed that this works out. After years of searching, I finally found something that's close to what I need and want, and that in itself is something to be excited about. 

I will let you know as soon as I find out if it passed and what will happen. A lot of effort, time, and money is being thrown around into this, and even though I have a good feeling that doesn't mean it will follow throw. 

Ohhh I can feel the butterflies now. 

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I found the van. The Van. So I am selling my Nissan to get the cash I spent back and put it towards the van I found. Its a 2003 Chevrolet 1500 conversion van. IM getting an inspection tomorrow and when that is done, if things work out I will purchase it and really take a step forward in my journey. I would also start living in it for the two months I would be on the road so it would be a good indication as to what I need to do to get things ready for more trips. If you guys wish to help out then there is a donation button on the right-hand side of the page. If you wish to purchase an art piece click here to go to my gallery. 

Every cent counts and I appreciate each and every one of you. 

I do hope that you can continue to help me out and follow along on my journey

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I've been taking as many pictures of Lylah as I can. She is growing so fast and it's crazy to see her development. I just want to share all the photos I have gotten so far with you guys. She is such a sweetheart. 


If you wish to donate click the button on the right-hand side of the page and if you want to purchase an art piece click the link here to go check out what I have left in stock. Seven pieces are all up for grabs!

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