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Hey you guys. SO I know it been a hot minute since I posted a video on my YouTube channel and I am so sorry it's taking me a hot minute to get another one up, the issue I am having is space at the moment. It seems that my computer doesn't have a big enough hard drive so It is filling up quickly and because of that, I am not able to give you more content at the moment. I need to find a coffee shop and sit down and transfer files over the network so that I can work on the next big vid for you guys. Things have been a hit and miss with the network and its been a struggle keeping up but just for you guys, I am doing my best. 

So in support of my channel slowly growing I ask that you watch the video down below and then go and click the subscribe button on the right-hand side of the page. 

I also am taking donations at this time. I am currently a little over halfway done with my trip and would appreciate anything to help me out. That button is also on the right hand side of the page. Any amount helps. Thank you all so much. 


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Yesterday we went to Yellowstone national park and spent some time exploring. The day before we went to see Ole Faithful and it was pretty cool because we got to see it go off. Not only that but we got to see the Castle geysers go off as well and that was a pretty cool experience to have. I honestly have seen geysers before in Iceland so for me, it was like a "been there done that" sort of thing but for my friend Steph she was so excited that she was pretty much dancing and singing as she went from geyser to geysers. I felt happy for her but I was hoping to see more than the one area in the park so after that we decided to go ahead and do our separate things the second day. 

First off, I saw Bison. A ton of them. Second I saw elk and there were so many of them. I ended up seeing one that I saw yesterday and later on in the day I accidentally ran into a buck while I was on this trail with Lylah (Btw: Yellowstone is NOT dog friendly. We just happened to come across a trail that didn't have a sign saying that she wasn't allowed so we went ahead and did it). My friend steph got to see a black bear and a herd of Bison which answered one of the questions I had about Bison (we had only seen single bison so we weren't sure if they were herd animals) and made me feel better about them in general. 

Mostly the whole experience was amazing because of the wildlife. Yellowstone for me was a hit and miss. A lot of the things I saw were pull-outs that you could get to quickly and then go back to your car. One snap of a photo and you were onto the next area. It made me realize that if I go back to Yellowstone I would like to do an expedition of some sort so that I get a more full experience. I saw many cool and interesting things there and I felt happy just to go visit the park but I wanted a little bit more. Something to hold onto not something that everyone else had done before. 

Considering the circumstances though I will take the little pull-out adventures. It was worth the trip into the park and to see with my own eyes. 

Oh and here is a picture of a mother f**king Bison. SO FREAKING COOL

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Here's the truth about traveling. You will meet some interesting people along the way. For instance, I did this hike that was in Arizona. It was the hike to a very iconic place on the border of Arizona and Utah. The hike is called the Horsehoe bend and it has been carved out by the Colorado River. It's iconic for the view and because it has some amazing sunsets in that specific area. They recently made it clear that the trail was redone as it was once a five-mile loop now cut off to one mile out and back trail. Honestly, I would have loved the five miles but you can't be picky when it comes to traveling. 

So I get there and we get down to the bend and its beautiful. Gorgeous. Just unreal. I start pulling out my camera stuff and realized that my tripod plate was missing. Looking around I saw this guy sitting on the edge with camera gear all set up. One was on this big tripod and it was moving ever so slowly. I made my way over to him. Nicely and politely I asked if he could take some photos of Lylah and me and he happily helped us out. He took the camera and took about ten to twenty shots of us. I thanked him and sat and chatted for a while. It turns out, he was from L.A. 

Guess what his job was?

Shooting stars and landscapes. He had been shooting stars and landscapes for seven years and he made a real living doing something he loved. I was shocked. I was sitting next to someone who was legit. I felt like I met a celebrity but I tried not to be crazy about it. As I talked to him more and more I started to get this feeling over me. Like it was fate. I was supposed to meet this guy. I stared at him. There was no way that this was happening. 

The sun was setting and as we were packing to leave he mentions that he and his friend are going down to this canyon about an hour down the road to shoot the stars tonight. I stared at him and I looked at his friend. He was also from L.A and he had his daughter with him. Telling him I was interested I asked for the location of it and he was happy to send it to me. I got in the van, went to a gas station and got some supplies, and considered the possibility of going. Was I risking myself? Yes. Was I going to be alone with two men and a kid if I went? Yes. Was it worth it? No idea. 

Shrugging I decided to head back to Utah. I got about ten miles down the road and pulled over and looked outside my window. The sky was getting clear and something in me told me I needed to turn around. Something was not right. Telling myself that it was all good I turned around and headed to that location. 


The hour was long, there was a private gate, and the road was kind of difficult to maneuver but I made my way down and recognized the guy's friend. I pulled into a parking area and I felt something in me that just felt good suddenly. 

Nao Came up and said hello. I said hi back and within minutes I was sitting and enjoying the stars with these two japanese guys who made a living in L.A. We were eating food and making music and just living in the moment. It was spectacular and I felt so at home. I have never experienced a feeling that like before and I honestly loved that I changed my mind to go. Nao helped me so many times with my star photos, gave me advice, and told me that I could change certain things in my photography to make the image more clear. I was so excited. He actually knew what he was doing and it was spectacular. 

We now are friends through Instagram and I hope I get to hang out with him again someday. Every bit of that night and morning was worth the extra time. Sometimes taking risks is worth the reward. 

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For my birthday we did this hike that we had absolutely no indication on where it would go, how hard it would be, and where the end was. We just decided to go ahead and jump on a trail in the morning and just get our day started and after that, we would go from there. It sounded fun and I honestly was excited to just spend my birthday outside. After all, our lives deserve nature and to be celebrated. I got both that day. So we started on the trail and by the looks of google maps, the trail seemed pretty easy. We guessed it would be about four miles long and it kept going from easy to moderate and so on. Really it was one of those hikes that gave you everything. It went from pine trees to aspen trees, to meadows, to the creek, and finally to big switchback. 

There were a few times that we looked at the google maps and we hoped for service to look up the trail on All trails but most of the way consisted of one bar. 

Once we hit four miles we looked at each other and wondered where we were going. It seemed that the trail was sort of maintained and they had a big wind storm that came through and tore down a bunch of trees so someone came through and hacked up a bunch of trees to make the path more noticeable. We did run into a few hikers who told us that the path was a loop and eventually we would come to a fork that would give us an option to go back down. Thinking that we would be able to find it easily enough we kept going and around five miles we stopped. The trail looked like it literally went straight up a 90-degree angle. Unsure of how to feel we kept moving forward. I felt myself start to get drained and then I saw the little brown signs. There were switchbacks to our right-hand side. 

We went up to them and go to the top of this mountain. We then met another set of hikers who told us that we should go to table mountain. Looking at the path we wondered if we should. We were tired, low on food and low on water, and slightly defeated we asked the ultimate question. 


"How long did it take you to get up there and how steep is it?"

The answer. 

"Took me about an hour and a half but I felt the elevation gain. It was worth it and really pretty"

Staring at each other we knew that if we didn't go we would regret it later. So with some deep breaths, we kept going....and going.....and going. This hike was hard. There was gravel, there was elevation gain (4,000 to be exact) and there was so much wind. Trudging onward we tried to take breaks and once we were good and our hearts weren't in our throats we kept going. Eventually, we made it to the top and our hearts stopped. It was beautiful. Right in front of us was the Grand Teton. It was unlike anything I Had seen. My birthday was complete. I kid you not, the hike was at least eleven miles all the way around but it was so worth it. It was hard and I was dead tired and needed a glass of wine after (which I spilled sadly), and it was much appreciated after all that we had done. 

So if you ever want to see a different view than anybody else of the grand Teton then I would recommend the Table Mountain Trail in Jedediah Smith Wilderness park. It's worth every mile


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I see you guys haven't been paying attention to what I post which is kinda sad but I get it. I'm not really talking about the trails so let me give you an inside to this trail. 

The trail in this video is the Glory Hole Trail which is about two miles long and is considered Moderate. I would say that it goes from easy to moderate. The reason is that the trail goes all the way down into this little secret cave and then you have to go all the back up the trail which is an incline so it can be quite a challenge when you just want to get back to your trailer/car. The trail itself is really well marked and its as wide as a jeep to get down it. NOw when you initially get down you won't see the glory hole at first. You have to find a way to actually get down and if it is raining use caution cause the rocks are slippery. 

Once your down your basically rock hopping but its not bad because it does have some solid ground in area where you can take it all in. It's actually nice to check out and if you want to sit and eat some food you can do that without any disturbance. Lylah and I did this hike on the weekday so there was nobody else on the trail. If you want something easy and get a really cool and unique hike then I would suggest this little stop in Ozark National Forest. It may only be two miles but its well worth it. It also is very dog friendly if you have your four-legged companion with you. 


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