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2020-04-06 13:29 by Sarah Denninger
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Hello fellow adventurers! 

   I am sorry that I haven't been posting these past few days. My life took a turn that was greatly unexpected and I was dealing with that stress. My mom ended up in the ICU and had to be incubated for several days. So my mind was on that and not really anywhere else. I've been worried sick about her and I've been trying hard to keep up the positive vibes so that I can keep doing what I need to do on a day to day basis. Its been hard overall but we finally got the news that she is out of the ICU and is home. Honestly, I couldn't have asked for anything else at this point and time. It's nice to know that she is finally back home with her wife and her pets. 

Now, this was not the result of Coivd-19. This was the result of her lupus and her just catching something else on the side. To be honest I wish It was COVID 19 so that she could get this over with. She wouldn't have to worry about this particular bug and we can worry about other things that could happen. It's nerve-wracking and I can't see her because of all of this. I can't hug her, I can't physically be near her, I can't give her anything, nothing. None of it. I'm going to be a four-hour drive from her in a few weeks and its upsetting knowing I can't do anything at this point and time. But I am hopeful that this will be all over soon so that she can get back outside and be a normal human being again. 

Covid 19 has definitely changed lives and its not all in good ways. It is driving me crazy that this is the new normal but we have to keep an open mind and know that it will change eventually. 

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I bet she's talking Plaquenil (HCQ) and won't get coronavirus. At all.
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