Financial loss
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2020-04-08 14:01 by Sarah Denninger
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Financial loss

If I'm pretty honest this whole thing with the coronavirus is kind of driving me crazy. There isn't anything to do and while I appreciate the time to move and get some stuff done on my list I also want some normalcy back. This whole craziness with the virus has really turned things upside down and I don't appreciate it in the slightest. My sleep schedule was finally back on track before this happened and now everything is jumbled again and I'm struggling to get back on track. I also have really been straining my eyes with the computer screens, the tv screens, and my phone screen. I've had to really force myself away from it all so that I don't go crazy. 

Getting outside has helped and every day I try to get outside for at least an hour if not more. Of course, the weather also has a play in that. Luckily we have had some nice weather so I am able to go out for evening walks and runs on a regular basis. It's just pulling away to actually do it that has been a struggle bus. 

But I am looking forward to when this quarantine/social distancing crap goes away because I am going to do so many activities that it will exhaust me. Honestly, I have never looked forward to getting out as much as I do this moment. Usually, i am a homebody but this has really started testing my limits. I also miss the dog sitting and cat sitting on a regular basis. Because of all the cancelations on travel a lot of my rover clients have canceled on me and not only is that a loss for my photography and joy but it also is a loss financially. So much is going down the drain and there are so many things I want to do but can't because of it. 

How are you all holding up with the COVID 19 craziness? 

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