I hate the government
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2020-04-11 12:11 by Sarah Denninger
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I hate the government

I've been trying to file for unemployment for over two weeks now and they have continuously ignored me. Why? A few years ago I filed for unemployment because I had lost my job and wasn't sure when I would get a new one. I had been looking for about a month and I finally caved and filed. It honestly was an unpleasant experience and I really did not enjoy being in that position but I went ahead and did it. In the end, I received nothing from the government and it ended up being a waste of my time. Now with Covid 19 going on it has been an absolute hassle. 

Because of my previous unemployment, I haven't been able to file a new claim. The website is riddled with bugs. When you start out you are clicking the "I have acknowledged I have read the above" and it takes you to the next screen telling you that it is a felony to lie about unemployment, etc, etc. you read all of that information, and then click file a new claim. The screen freezes for a second and then takes you BACK to the beginning. This happens two or three times until it caves in and lets you move forward. Its a mess. 

Sadly, for my situation, it is even worse. Normally if you have filed a claim before your pin expires in 90 days. After that, you have to put your social into the bar and click the forgot pin button. It is supposed to take you to a page where you answer security questions. You answer them and then reset your pin. The issue is that I set up the account so long ago that I didn't remember all the answers. I guessed multiple times and was wrong. From there it then tells you to call a number. 

I kid you not, every time I call It always ends up hanging up on me or telling me that they cant do a callback option because the phone lines are too busy. I've emailed, I've called, I have screamed to the high heavens and nobody is getting back to me. The Florida unemployment system is jacked and it literally is making it impossible for anybody to get the money they need in this difficult time. 

In conclusion, I hate the government and this state.  

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