We come to a close
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2020-04-28 11:37 by Sarah Denninger
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We come to a close

As of right now most of the stuff out of the house is gone. I'm sitting in my mostly empty room wondering about the future of this home. The people who bought the place are very nice and they have two boys. Both of them will grow up in this house, where I grew up. They will have the same view that I have had since I was four years old. They will get to paddleboard, go boating, watch the stars, and enjoy a nice cold beer while watching the sunset. Of course that is all in due time. Right now they are a little bit too young for that but if they stay here until they are adults then that will surely happen. 

Last night I went out onto our dock and took some time to take it all in. The sky was clear so you could see the moon and stars. The water was almost flat enough to see your reflection in it. All around there were birds chirping and somewhere an owl was hooting away at the sky. It was quite beautiful to have that last moment with my childhood home. For some people, it might be dramatic to be talking about a home in this way but for me, it's all about the perspective. I'm taking a leap of faith that I never thought I would take and right now it's a weird transition. 

When I was out there watching the moon slowly fade away over Fort Walton Beach I realized that most of the people I knew growing up have moved away from this neighborhood. They have all gone to new places, new homes, and new lives. Some have even gone to new states and here I am. Still existing, still here, still watching everything go by. Now I am leaving this home and letting someone else take a chance on the home and make memories. I know this house will serve them well. They will have many laughs, many tears, lots of love, and plenty of beautiful sunsets to watch together. 

So goodbye childhood. It was fun while it lasted. Its time to move forward and make a new path.

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