Party into the storm
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2020-06-08 12:01 by Sarah Denninger
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Party into the storm

What a crazy time this has beeennn. Over the weekend we had this big party celebrating two birthdays. It was jungle themed and it was quite a ride. WE got up around 8:30, ran to Walmart to get alcohol, and then went to brunch with about thirty people in total. Honestly, it was a lot more than I was expecting and most of them I didn't know but in hindsight, we did have a bunch of people we knew from the gym. So we went ahead and downed the mimosas which they were kind enough to bring bottles around every few minutes to make sure that all of our glasses were full. 

Now there were some things that happened at brunch that I can't really tell you. They were personal things and I ended up helping someone out who really needed it. I was a shoulder to cry on, a motivational speaker, and of course a friend for somebody who really hit rock bottom. So we made sure that this person got home safe and from Brunch, we made our way to a boat where they took us out to crab island. 

If anybody has visited Destin then you know that Crab island is amazing. The water is beautiful and its a place where you go to get wasted (most of the time) and so that is what we did. Despite the fact that there was literally a tropical storm on us we got out there and for five hours we partied and we partied hard. My bf was double-fisting beers and I was downing the Moscow mules like a champ. Sadly though the last hour, it hit us hard and we were ready to go home. Eight hours of drinking can do that to somebody. 

So, in the end, we go home, fell asleep in the shower, and woke up at 8 p.m to go back to sleep by 9. If I had to say anything about was worth it. This was an event that we knew we would get wasted at and we fit the bill just right. Nobody got hurt and we all made it home safely. 


Besides all the partying somebody bought another piece from me! Yussss! Keep it coming guys! The support means so much more than you know and I really appreciate each and every one of you. I am now down to NINE pieces in my gallery. We are now under double digits!  So click here to go check out what I have left and purchase a piece today. This is so exciting. 

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