Photos of Taco
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2020-07-06 12:45 by Sarah Denninger
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Photos of Taco

My rover clients have been growing these past few months and because of that, I have been able to take more photos to share with you guys and to put on my Instagram. If you haven't been following my Instagram you should. Its sarah_and_spice. I post photos of the animals I sit and I also post photos of my travels. SO definitely head there and check it out. EVen go through my stuff if you want. I have my Iceland photos, NEw Zealand photos, and so on. I try and post every day so that you guys can see some of my talents. Down below I'm gonna post my photos I have taken recently of one of my clients' cat, Taco. I also got a new photography tool called the lenseball. It's a neat little tool that I can't wait to experiment with and see what kind of photos I can capture with it. 


Its exciting to think that I could potentially have a job as a full-time sitter but of course, I am unsure if that will happen or not but I am hopeful that it will. I am leaving in August to head out on a trip in the United States and I am a little nervous to head out but I am ready to explore and to see more of the world we live in. I may not be going to Peru but I am going to go on an adventure one way or another. If you would like to donate while I am traveling then click the donation button on the right-hand side of the page. If you want to purchase art pieces click the link here to go to my gallery. Every penny helps me out and is greatly appreciated. There are so many exciting things coming. 

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