I finally pulled the trigger
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2020-07-08 12:57 by Sarah Denninger
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I finally pulled the trigger

Yesterday I finally caved and adopted a puppy. Her name is Lylah and she is a mix of three different breeds. She is an Australian Shepherd, German Shepherd, and Husky mix. She literally is the perfect combination of all my favorite dog breeds in one. Not only is she smart but she is also the perfect companion. She and I are bonding really well and she is doing her best to stay by my side. Her name is the one thing that we have to work on. The person I got her from didn't really do much training so really I get to start from scratch. IN theory, it sounds nice but I do wish that she had a little bit more experience in the potty training area and that she had crate training as well. Unfortunatley because the puppy was still with her mom, whenever she would try and do crate training the mom would start panicking and freaking out. Because of that, she had close to no training when it comes to these sorts of things. 


Of course, she will be coming with me when I take off on the road in August. From what I understand starting the hiking and adventure life is better young. Not only will that help with her training but it will also help when it comes to making sure she gets exercise. I know how much a pain a dog can be to most but I had dreams of having a dog by my side when I travel on the road in the United States. I have Spice as well but she seems to prefer the adventure zone to be more in the backyard than anything. So I'm thinking that it might be best to have her live that life while Lylah and I take on the more daunting tasks and hikes. 

Life is pretty amazing right now and I'm excited to see where this takes me. So welcome Lylah into the family. 

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