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2020-07-09 08:56 by Sarah Denninger
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Last night was the first night of crate training for Lylah. I've been watching Youtube videos on how to do certain things with her so that she no only grows up to be an amazing dog but she grows up to be one that understands and follows commands. Through other people's dogs and my own experience I have seen a handful of dogs that are beautiful inside and out but they just are a little bit disobedient. Just enough so that when they do that one thing you get annoyed by it. My biggest pet peeve with dogs is the jumping up on me and on others. It just is one of those things that really get to me and it irritates me when the owners try to just let it go or don't correct it. So with Lylah, I'm starting early. 

I'm excited to see her grow, have her by my side, and be an amazing dog/companion. 

for those that are just tuning in Lylah is a german shepherd, Australian Shepherd, Husky Mix. She is a combination of three amazing breeds that are super smart and all quite beautiful in their own way. I feel very lucky to have gotten a puppy with the three dogs that I always had an issue choosing between. She may be a high energy dog but that is ok. I do a lot of exercising, running around, and traveling. I am hoping to make her my travel companion and my running buddy. There is so much stuff I am looking forward to and I can't wait for the future. Lylah will have an amazing life, that is one thing that I know for sure. 

I will make sure to post photos and updates on her as her life continues to be amazing. I hope you guys will continue to support my adventures along with Lylah and Spice. 


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