How Lylah ended up in my hands
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2020-07-20 16:20 by Sarah Denninger
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How Lylah ended up in my hands

I'm not gonna lie, a dog was not on my list of things to have before I finished my traveling journey but with the way things are looking for the virus and the fact that she practically came my way with those big eyes tells me that I made the right choice. The lady I got her from seemed to be a little off and even though I knew that she was attached to Lylah I knew I had to give her a better life. Here is what happened. 

My friend's boyfriend got a puppy named Rosco from the same litter. After a few days of meeting him and just feeling my heart flutter, I realized that maybe I should take a look into them to.  So I asked my friend if there were any more puppies left. She told me that they were all taken. Sad but taking it as a sign that maybe I didn't need one right now I decided to let it go. It was fine. 

A week later I get a text saying that one puppy came back up for adoption and that the lady just couldn't care for her properly while having a full-time job. Excited and a little thrown off I texted the original owner and asked to meet her. I knew the kind of personality I wanted for a dog so I knew meeting her was essential to the adoption. She agreed and we set up a time to meet. It was the following day in the evening. SO I went to bed wondering what she was like, how she was in person, if she was sweet, crazy, or just chill. 

I wake up the next day, I get ready for the day and have some coffee and I get this long message about how there was bad news about the puppy. She tells me that the K9 is infected and that they might have to do surgery to remove it. She goes on to say that she isn't sure she can say goodbye after that and she didn't want to separate the puppy from the mother because of how close they were. She apologized over and over and as annoyed as I was I tried my best to understand. Eventually, I get this message from her saying that the surgery was Tuesday, about five days away. Keeping that in mind and making it clear that I was still interested in this puppy I told her that I wish al the best with the surgery. 

For five days I sat through the days wondering how it was going to go. Wondering if she would change her mind at all. 


Tuesday rolls around and I send out a text saying that Iw she'd the best for the surgery and that I hoped it would end well. She messages me right away saying that they didn't have to do it after all and only gave her a numbing agent for the tooth. It was going to fall out anyway so it was fine. Baffled and frustrated I set up a time to meet her. 

That evening I go and wait outside this shady park for her to come with Lylah (her old name was Rosie) There's some homeless dude trying to tell jokes to us and we all sat miserably listening because it was downpouring at the park. Finally, she arrived. I kid you not, the second she stepped out of the vehicle I knew. Lylah was so small and I could see the curiosity in her eyes. She came up to me and we started chatting about Lylah. Basically the short story is that Lylah had no training at all. Every time she tried to do training the mom would start howling, barking, and whining. Looking at her I could see how timid she was and knew that she didn't have a lot of socialization. Looking at the owner I knew that she didn't have any way of providing the right kind of life for this puppy. She needs regular exercise, lots of training, and plenty of love. She was not going to provide that. 

After a few more questions the transaction was complete. I didn't pay a dime for her and I got her transferred to my name as soon as I could. Honestly, it was one of the best decisions I have made. I know the first year will be hard and I know there are a lot of things to cover when it comes to training and getting behavior down but I am sure that we can make it work. She has learned so much so far and she is so quick to learn new tricks. Lylah will be an amazing adventurer and companion. 

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