Photo and video time
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2020-08-18 11:52 by Sarah Denninger
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Photo and video time

I leave tomorrow for my trip...well I leave after a visit to the DMV so that I can get the tag and title for my vehicle but honestly that's close enough. I'm excited to finally get this process done and be on the road. Its taken too long to get everything together and even though its been nice having a few extra days to chill and hang out with others its been difficult to not get antsy and just take off anyway. There are so many places to visit, so many things to see and just so much exploring to do. Of course with Lylah it changes things a bit but I know that she will have a blast. 

So today is preparation day. I'm packing everything up, double-checking everything and then putting it in the van to get ready for takeoff. 10 A.m is when I will be at the DMV getting ready to finally put my name on this vehicle and when it is done I will be on the road ready to go see my dad for a few days. 

When I am at my dads place I will be making a few pieces for you guys and I would appreciate it if my fans (you guys) would consider purchasing some while I am on the road. The purchases will help me with my travels and will keep me going throughout the two months I get to explore. 

Currently, I have five pieces left in stock and would appreciate you guys taking a look and seeing if any of them pique your interest. Check them out by clicking here now! 

I hope you guys are excited about some awesome videos and photos. Its gonna be a treat!


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