First few days (2monthtrip)
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2020-08-21 10:10 by Sarah Denninger
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First few days (2monthtrip)

Hey you guys! So it has been a few days since my trip started and I wanted to do a quick update. Right now I'm at my dad's place in Tennessee spending time with him. I haven't seen him in about four months or so and because of this, I thought I would do a stop to celebrate his birthday (he's getting old) and to get some things together before I really take off. See I had a bunch of stuff that I brought back from where I live because I don't use it and I also had a few things that I wanted to do to the van before I took off in it. One was takin gout the wheelchair that is in the van and another was to take off some plastic lining on the outside so that I have more clearance. 

This also gave Lylah a chance to have some fun at the house before we go. I wanted her to meet my dad and I wanted her to have a few days to settle with me before we go on this grand journey. While I am here I am going to be making a few art pieces for you guys but I do ask that you consider purchasing the ones I have in stock now. Just click here to go to my gallery. 

There are so many wonderful things that I am going to experience and with Lylah beside me, I am sure it will be a wonderful time. So stay tuned for photos, stories and more. Its gonna be pretty awesome. 



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