Colorado climbing
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2020-08-30 02:58 by Sarah Denninger
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Colorado climbing

Today we were able to get outside and do some top rope and sport climbing. It was my first "official day" in Colorado and it was so nice to get outside and to actually climb again. Since I left my job and my gym I haven't touched rock in two weeks. Which is weird because normally I am very strict about keeping up my fitness when it comes to my climbing but when it comes to this sport, in particular, it's difficult to do depending on what variation of climbing you decide on. For bouldering my issue is that I don't have a crash pad and if I did I might be more inclined to climb things without question....well some question but not a lot. WIth Top rope or sport, I don't have the full gear I need and I don't have a partner on hand at all times to just teleport my way when I want to go outside to climb. Both things are problematic. 

Really it means that 90% of the things I may want to climb I cant and I don't feel like I am a good enough climber to just go and solo a bunch of things and hope for the best. Knowing me I will break something, roll an ankle or worse...accidentally kill myself in the process. I would do that. I would accidentally meet my end. 

Of course, that comes with climbing in general. There is a chance of messing up and hurting yourself to the point of not surviving but for the most part, I am good about being cautious with what I choose to do when it comes to the sport in general. 


Today we had four of us and we did some ropes. We don't get ropes often if at all back home so it's difficult to practice and today was a nice way to get warmed up again on the idea of doing the ropes in general. I felt good and I sent a 5.9+ for the first time which is actually pretty difficult grade. I'm not sure how accurate it is but that is ok. I will take whatever the grade seems to be. Plus I got to enjoy the wonderful view I got while we hung out and took turns. It really was a beautiful day and I felt good about getting outside and enjoying the company. I even made a new friend and I always enjoy making new friends on trips like this. It just means more options for when I come back to the state. 

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