Great day
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2020-08-31 00:24 by Sarah Denninger
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Great day

Today was a very long day of bouldering but it was also a beautiful day. We got to go outside, we got to be in the sun and we got to workout among friends and in perfect weather. Really there was nothing more I could have asked for. It was a day that I really enjoyed and I wouldn't change it for the world. Im glad that I got some more climbing before I go out on some hikes for the next few days. Of course, right now I am trying to figure out which ones I want to do but overall I think we will figure it out and get to see some amazing scenery. 

Colorado is one of my dream states and I'm forever thankful that I have friends that live In places like Denver. It gives me a chance to check out the area, to get some climbing and of course enjoy the fresh air that is present out here. Back in Florida its difficult to get outside let alone enjoy it and I can't wait for next summer when I get to move out of the state entirely or at least that is the goal. If I live in a van or if I live in an apartment, only time will tell on that one. I am excited to see what ends up coming my way for that. 

But while I have you I do want to drop some photos from our trip so far. They are precious and I am sure that you all would love to get a taste of what we have been experiencing and see some shots of Lylah and I together. 

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