Colorado hike reminded me of New Zealand
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2020-09-01 11:31 by Sarah Denninger
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Colorado hike reminded me of New Zealand

I know I haven't been updating as much as I should be at the moment let me give you a quick update on where I am. Right now I am in Denver Colorado and I will be here for a few more days. The first few days we went out climbing and just hung out. Now we are in the hiking portion of my stay and yesterday we did this hike that reminded me of New Zealand. It was breathtaking ,and it wasn't very difficult to do the hike itself. It was around eight and a half miles long if you do the whole thing and really the only difficult part is the last few miles where you have a staircase that goes back and forth up the mountainside. Before and after that is smooth sailing. 

The hike on all trails says that it was kind of meh and that you didn't really get very good views most of the way up. I have to greatly disagree. The whole trail is a view. It was out of this world and I couldn't believe my eyes. It felt like I was in a fairy tale and for Lylah it was heaven. There were so many lakes and streams for her to hop into and to cool off in and she loves it when she got to be off-leash for ten minutes and just go wild in the mud and stream. It was a sight I am so happy I got to witness. 


I did get a lot of GoPro footage and in the next few days, I am going to be posting views that I have been collecting so that you guys can live through me and experience the beautiful things I get to see on this trip. They all are a wonder and I am so glad that I will get to share them with you so stay tuned for that and be ready to be amazed. 

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