Kicked out
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2020-09-02 12:45 by Sarah Denninger
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Kicked out

I unexpectedly got kicked out of my friend's apartment. Yesterday while i was doing a very strenuous hike i i g a text that my friend is trying to celebrate his one year anniversary with his girlfriend before another guest comes into town. Of course he doesn't tell me this before i get into town which would have been preferred instead of right towards the end of my stay and on labor day weekend. 

Trying my best to make sure that i get everything packed and washed I try to be nice and accommodate to his wishes. So i pack up loose items around the apartment, i deflate the air mattress, throw the sheets and towels on the wash and wait for my clothes to dry. While I'm waiting for my clothes i am on my phone trying to find somewhere for us to go. 

Turns out everyone is either one of three things. Burning, reserved or closed. Great. I spent almost three hours trying to find somewhere and when 10:30 rolled around i messaged my friend to tell him it would be impossible on such short notice to get somewhere to stay. He doesn't answer. I ask if i can crash on the couch. No answer. 

Finally h and his girlfriend come into the apartment and i ask if he got my message. He tells me yes and proceeds to go right to the room. His girlfriend tries to tell me that Walmart would let me stay there overnight. Problem is most Walmarts in Colorado right now won't allow that. Covid really screwed things up for travelers like me and it was frustrating to try to explain to two good friends of mine that i did try and find a place. I know it was their anniversary but they should have said something before I got there. 

Luckily I had one last night there and they seemed fine but man was it frustrating knowing they were upset with you over something that was their fault not yours. 

This morning i packed and headed out so they could have a day to themselves. Hopefully I can find somewhere tonight to stay. Fingers crossed 

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