Last day in Colorado
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2020-09-04 13:40 by Sarah Denninger
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Last day in Colorado

It's been a while since I had been to Colorado and because of that, I think I really forgot how much I truly missed it. Everywhere I go there is a new view, a new hike, and such wonderful weather. It's one of those things that you never really knew how much you missed until you come back to that destination. Today is my last official day in colorado and tonight we will be driving into Utah where my boyfriend will be flying to meet up with us for a few days. I'll be mostly staying in a national forest until he arrives and when he does I will pick him up and then we will settle somewhere outside of Zion national park which is the next big destination on my trip. IM excited to go there and do some trails in that area. I have never been to Utah so this will be a new experience or me. 

Of course on this trip, I am hitting a lot of states that I haven't been to so for me its all pretty much new but I think that is what makes the adventure so fun. Not only am I getting to live in a campervan but I am also getting the chance to hike whenever and wherever I want to which is everything to me. Not being able to hike back in Florida really makes me sad adn limits me and what I enjoy doing. Of course now with a puppy by my side it adds to the many reasons I need to move somewhere I can hike on a regular basis. Not only for me but for Lylah as well. Here are some photos that I took over the past few days of Lylah and I on a few hikes we are doing.  The photos really are precious. 

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