IN the smoke
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2020-09-07 12:21 by Sarah Denninger
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IN the smoke

As of right now, I am in Utah. Its been a few days here and it was one of those times in my trip where I have stayed still for more than twenty-four hours. Right now I am with some of my friends in Salt Lake City and it has been so nice to see familiar faces. Both of them are from my hometown and I met them through my old job at Rock Out in Destin. I became close with both of them and we all know each other from our usual hangout when it comes to our mutual friend group. So when my friend Steph told me about her trip for a year I got just as excited to do my one month. This way I could meet up with her and we could check on each other throughout our journeys.  We could support each other and meet up while we explore our wonderful world. 

It's really cool to have travel friends and its even better when those people are serious about there travel life. Its nice to know that there are others out there that have the same wants in this world as you do. 

While I am in Salt Lake I'm mostly climbing and hanging out. So far I have been on one hike here and it was quite beautiful but these past two days the whole mountains have been covered in Smoke and you can't even see the mountains when you look outside. It's really quite sad. Does anybody know what that is? Is it smoke from Colorado? or is that a haze/fog? I'm really unsure of what to call it. If anybody knows please send me an email. 

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