Utah is the best
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2020-09-13 13:44 by Sarah Denninger
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Utah is the best

Quick update, I am in Vegas! It sounds super exciting but I honestly think I won't be doing much in vegas while I am here. I am mostly getting everything ready and regrouping for getting back on the road. Due to the fact that California is literally on fire and that they closed all of their national parks I will be skipping that state and going back to Utah to do some more of the national parks. I was only in the parks for three to four days so I didn't really get to explore as much as I wanted to. 

For those of you that might be wondering what we did, we did Arches National Park, Bryce canyon national park, and Zion National Park. All of them were amazing and all of them took my breath away in different ways. It was one of those experiences were we just kept running into one amazing place after another and I swear it was something I was not expecting. Utah has literally taken my breath away. It is one of those mysterious states that I was unsure of but after visiting it in those four days I can say that it is one of my favorite states so far. 



Of course, Colorado is always at the top but in terms of places I haven't been it definitely is one of my favorites in terms of new places I went to so far. While I am in vegas i am going to get all my editing done and line up the videos for you guys to watch. It will be exciting and honestly, I can't wait to check out all the footage and let you guys see parts of what I have seen. All this hiking has been so fun and I am ready to share my stories and videos with you all. 

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