About Zion Shuttle service
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2020-09-15 14:04 by Sarah Denninger
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About Zion Shuttle service

Today we are heading back out to Zion National Park from Vegas. The drive is about two hours long which isn't too bad considering that you have to jump state lines to get there. I honestly am a little unsure about this park just because last time I was there I wanted to murder somebody but I have faith that I can control myself and keep myself from hurting somebody. It really is just because of the fact that I have to find a parking spot. That part really gets me. Like the stress in the park is so dumb. It is the first park where I felt like I was going to get so angry and it would never subside but once we got moving and hiking I was fine. It just took a bit for it to simmer down. 

But the reason I am typing this for you guys is to let you know something interesting about the park. 

There are a good amount of hikes all around Zion but if you want to do the big boy hikes (angels landing, the watchman, the narrows, and so on) you have to take a shuttle to get into those parts of the park. You can walk but it will take you anywhere from an hour to three hours to get to the start of the hikes themselves so you should definitely buy a shuttle ticket. Now to buy a shuttle ticket you need an account on recreation.gov. After that, you look up zion national park and it will come up with an option to buy shuttle tickets. The trick to shuttle tickets is to be on the site by 9 a.m and you have to purchase them the day before you leave. 

As an example. I want to go tomorrow to Zion. The date is 9/15/2020. I have to be on the site by 9 A.M, I log in to my account, type in the shuttle service and the calendar box will light up with an A saying that tickets are available.  I click on it, pick a time I want, and purchase them. Now the window only holds the tickets for 15 minutes so you have to have your card ready to purchase. The best thing though about the tickets, they are only $1. Just $1 which is awesome. 


To make things better about the tickets, because of COVID they can only allow 20 to 30 people on the shuttle at a time which means that your reservation time is good from the time you reserved through to the rest of the day. You can show up whenever and board the shuttle. It actually is super helpful to know that because when my bf and I went there we were late getting parking spots and by the time we were parked we had "missed" the shuttle but because of the way the park is, how busy it is, and etc they were waving the tight reservation times. 

So if you are visiting zion national park while COVID is still happening I hope this helps you out. 

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