Classic Sarah Day
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2020-09-16 12:35 by Sarah Denninger
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Classic Sarah Day

Yesterday was one of those classic Sarah days. A day that I didn't want to happen but yet it did. A day that I clearly was not ready for nor wanted. 

I got up a little bit late to leave but that is ok considering I got to say goodbye to my friend I was staying with. I hadn't seen him in ten months so it was nice to be able to catch up on the last few days. We said our goodbyes, took a photo, and then went on our way. Taking my time I started to get things together, making sure that I wasn't leaving anything behind. I loaded up the cooler, the food I had, my clothes, the dog crate, and as I was loading up the little knickknacks I had laying around I noticed that there was something coming out from under my van.

It has a certain tint to it and as I looked closer I realized what it was. 

Transmission fluid. Fu*k. I bend down and look underneath the vehicle and instantly I see the drip. Its not a big drip but its there. Instantly I called my dad and we started talking about the next steps I needed to do. I already knew that it needed to put oil in the van and I was going to do that before I took off but now I needed transmission fluid. Looking up the closest Walmart I made my way over there and purchased what I needed and supplies. Already an hour late When I was packing I added on two more hours to being late and it was starting to put a damper on things. So I filled the van with fluid and started driving. 

About an hour and a half in I notice that my tank is close to empty but it still has about give gallons at the most so I skip the gas station coming up and keep going. I don't even get a half-mile away from the gas station when the van starts to sputter. Panicked I look for a way to turn around. There isn't anywhere to turn around. Taking in a deep breath I look up gas stations and I realize, I'm ten miles away from the next one. Awesome. 

I swear the next ten miles were the longest ten miles of my life. I had no idea what to think and I had no idea how to feel about everything. I was putting the pedal to the metal so to speak and I was trying my damndest to make sure to make it to the gas station. I needed to make it to the gas station. By some miracle I made it and when I got to that gas station I felt myself release all the tension I felt. Holy moly was I unamused by what just happened. 

For those of you wondering this has happened before, in Colorado. The gas gauge started acting up from going up and down the mountains and so I have experienced this beforehand but it has been a while since It had done it so I assumed that everything was fine. Not. So not fine. 

Luckily I made it to Zion in one piece. It was late and when we hit the trail for Lylah I was pretty exhausted. The good news is that I got some amazing star shots last night and I can't wait to edit them for you guys to see. 

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