What I need in the van so far
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2020-09-17 14:21 by Sarah Denninger
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What I need in the van so far

One of my favorite things about traveling in a campervan is the ability to literally wake up every day with a different view. Its always been a part of my dream and I enjoy it greatly. I even get to enjoy it with a four-legged companion by my side. Of course with her having to use a crate it makes things a little difficult but once we get the conversion done it will make things a little easier on us both. Not only for the sake of space but also for the sake of us being able to get around the campervan without any issues. Right now it feels like its a little cramped and that makes things difficult every day. YOu take things out you need in the morning and in 30 seconds the van is demolished. Once you're done doing what you need to do you put it all back and start over. Once we get some cabinets in here and figure out storage it will make things easier and we won't have to demolish the place to get to things. 

So far these are the things that I have learned I need for the van. 

*Ac unit/heater unit 


*A bag of tools/oils/rags for when the van needs some RnR

*More storage space up top for food/cooking utensils

*possibly solar power (unclear if it's needed really but with the blog and editing I'm seeing it more as a necessity)

*Bug net on all sides

So far that is what I am seeing I need from this trip. Most of it is work necessities. I also need to get some of the blinds in the van replaced as they are very easy to break and it has been a little bit of a pain not being able to cover all the windows. When I get home it will be interesting to see what I come up with and how I will make this happen. A lot of it seems to be based on New Zealand's whole set up when I was there which is totally fine. Really I enjoyed New Zealand's set up. It was nice and really made things quite simple. Oh I am so excited to get this thing fully converted over. 


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