Happy Birthday to me!
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2020-09-23 13:49 by Sarah Denninger
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Happy Birthday to me!

IM back to civilization! 

For the past two days, I Have been in a compound that has literally had no service at all. Like none. We ended up going to the campground near the Tetons without really knowing how close we were to the tetons. That night we ended up having a campfire which was amazing and I really enjoyed and I was so happy to have time with a friend. and yes I did meet up with a friend. Im currently traveling with my friend Steph who is also from FLorida and climbs at the gym that I used to work out. SHe is on a one year adventure while I am just feeling it out as I go. 

For us, both is was nice to finally meet up and hangout with someone who was just as into the camping life as you. 

It was also wonderful to spend my 24th birthday with someone. Oh yes, I turned 24 yesterday! GO ME! 

And I will say it was wonderful. 

Yesterday we ended up getting up and had a plan to do the hike that was near the campsite and then from there we were going to head out towards the Teton National park and spend time there. So we start this hike and thinking we were gonna do four miles we got going and the hike was from easy to moderate. We even saw two moose on the trail and helped out a lady who said that he was not happy with her appearance. After the moose, we kept going and at some point, I started to wonder where the turn around was. Then we ran into a group of hikers. We asked them where the turn around was and came to find out it was a loop trail that had a side trail to the tabletop mountain. So we keep going on this hike and eventually, we start running into some steep inclines. We get six miles in and talk to some other hikers and ask for recommendations. 

Low and behold nobody can give us straight answers but one thing was clear, we had to do the side trail. It was THE TRAIL for the tetons (as the locals say) so looking over at our options we decided to trek up and go to the tabletop mountain. 

This hike was hard. Very hard. We were at 10,000 ft and we felt the burn in our legs. Our lungs were struggling and I really had a hard time with the last bit of the hike but we went onward. 

I kid you not, I was amazed. The hike was worth it. So freaking worth it. THe picture I post on here will tell you what I mean. It was a wonderful surprise for my birthday and I was so happy to have this trail be the start to my year of being 24. 


After we got down the mountain we did around 11 miles and man did our feet hurt. The reward? Wine. Lots of wine. If I say so myself yesterday was amazing and Im so excited for the rest of this trip. 

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