Over Halfway done
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2020-09-29 14:30 by Sarah Denninger
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Over Halfway done

It doesn't feel real that I'm over halfway done on my trip. Soon I will have to make my way home and of back to good ol Florida for nine more months before I leave and head back out to another place to live. It's exciting, it's crazy but it's needed. I feel like everything is the way it is supposed to be and I feel like I am in a time where it is necessary for the change. I also don't think that I can maintain the life I want in Florida and with this trip, it has shown me that I love hiking and climbing on a regular basis...but outside. I can do climbing inside but I don't enjoy being restrained to one thing and one thing only. I want to be free, alive, and able to explore on weekends and breathe in the outdoors. It just calls to me in a way that Florida just can't satisfy.

I don't know if any of you follow along with my blog but if you do I appreciate each and every one of you for being supportive and for following along on this journey. There are many more adventures I wish to tackle and there are so many places I want to visit. I hope you guys are enjoying the content I have been posting and have been following along. I have some stories coming about Glacier National Park and let me tell you guys. It's AMAZING. SO freaking gorgeous. If you have never been it should be on your list. We did two trails in two days and they both were so satisfying that we just felt at peace with nature. I really can't wait to post the videos. 

For now, though check out the videos on my channel. I know I've been obnoxious about it but honestly, you guys subscribing helps me get closer to my dream of making YouTube videos as a part of my living. So please subscribe and watch them. It helps me out and you get an inside scoop of where I have been. Click the button on the right to subscribe and down below is an old video I posted from Iceland. 

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