Getting to Glacier
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2020-10-06 13:42 by Sarah Denninger
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Getting to Glacier

Since I was last online I have made my way from Yellowstone to Glacier, over to Washington, and down to Oregon where I am currently. Seriously, I am sitting in a coffee shop in the one state I have been dying to visit. I've been here for a few days now and I love it. I love the vibe, I love the forest, I love all of it. It's one of those things that I could not believe I was able to make happen. Mainly because it was mostly on fire. Yet here I am, sitting and enjoying my time in this state. I am hoping to move here someday. It's one of those places that have always caught my interest and I am excited for the future of being able to move here. 

But while I sit here I want to tell you about getting Glacier National Park. 

Glacier National Park is in Montana and is surrounded by meadows and fields of corn. While you are driving to Glacier it really looks like you are heading to nowhere. For a while, you are going up and down hills and all you can see for miles is sheep and cattle moving around. Maybe you will see the occasional person on horseback but other than that there isn't much out there. Your cruising along and BAM you see Glacier and you can tell that the park is on the border of Montana and Canada. It sticks out like a sore thumb. 

That day my friend and I both arrived in this town called Browning and let me say this in all caps so you can pretend to hear me shout it at you...


Literally, don't go. It was so sketchy that Steph and I ended up moving parking lots after being bombarded by a woman in the bathroom trying to make us give her a burrito because she was "hungry". Steph bought her one, tracked her down (she told her no initially), and gave it to her which the lady then proceeded to not say a word and walk back into the gas station to try and haggle someone else. The only cool thing about Browning was the view of the mountains. While we sat and looked for somewhere else to go we watched as Glacier National Park got pounded by rain and snow. It was beautiful and so surreal seeing it in person. 

After our quick departure from Browning, we stayed at a campsite that had showers and laundry which we proceeded to do. Glacier was about a twenty-minute drive from where we were staying. That was on the west side of the park. The east entrance was closed and is for a good portion of the year. The campground that we stayed at was called Sundance and for a tent site, its $30 and it includes everything but laundry. The facilities were clean and the fire pit was well kept (yes we could have a fire because they didn't have a fire ban there) and that made things nice when it came to having a fire and hanging out after a long drive through the state. 

So if you plan to go to Glacier make sure to go to the west side and call and see if the Eastside is open because you never know what can happen. The East and west side entrances are over an hour apart so make sure to plan correctly. 


Next is about the hikes In Glacier. 

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