Information about Glacier National Park
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2020-10-07 10:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Information about Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park was one of those places that feels like a hidden gem. Its a place with so much wonder and beauty that is is unlike anything I have seen. Yellowstone was one thing but GLacier was a step into a fairy tale. The forest was dense and so green. So green that I felt overwhelmed with how green it was. Moss was all over the place and it just was something new and exciting. The river was exceptional and was glistening with this turquoise blue water that made you feel like you were about to take a step back in time. I literally felt so calm and peaceful that I didn't even think about how much time I Have left on the road. All I thought about was the fact that I was in the forest, seeing something that millions of others have seen but at the same time having an experience that was my own. 

It was a wonderful time and I really enjoyed being apart of something so amazing. 

All of the hikes in Glacier national park are anywhere from 3 miles to 12 miles long so if you decide to go pack appropriately because you never know what you can run into and it seems that their ratings are a hit or miss. We did a moderate hike and it didn't really get to difficult until towards the end of the hike where we had to go up to get to the lake we were hiking to. we only gained around 400 feet of elevation so for Steph and it wasn't too difficult since we had been doing hikes with thousands of feet of elevation every mile. It was a nice break from our usual routine together. I also recommend downloading the National Parks app where it has all the parks and the most popular hikes in one place. There are plenty of pictures and there is also a description of the hikes so you know what you guys are getting into before you go.

The last thing I recommend for the park is to get there early. Like Super early. Steph and I both got up at 5 - 6 a.m both days we were there to beat most of the people. So if you are not a morning person you might as well skip this place. It really is that popular, even on a weekday. If you get there after 7 or 8 a.m you will be fighting for a parking spot at most of the hiking trails and the roads are two-lane and very narrow so if something happens or if there is a traffic jam it will take forever to get where you want to go. SO keep that in mind when planning to go to Glacier. 


Now, Glacier National Park is not dog friendly so if you plan to bring your fur baby they have to have paws on concrete or at the little pull-outs by the lake. Those are really the only places dogs are allowed in the whole park and after Steph and I were done with our hike Lylah got to enjoy the lake and play for a little while. Of course, the water was freezing but for her, it was a nice way to cool off after being in the van waiting for my return. 



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