Bye Hygiene
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2020-10-11 13:59 by Sarah Denninger
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Bye Hygiene

OK time to get down to business. LIterally. 

Here is the biggest issue I am having on the road. Showers. Literally, I have had the hardest time finding a hot shower. Heres the reasons why. 

1)I refuse to pay $30-$100 for a campsite where I will only use the shower. If they have electricity I might use it but only if I am in dire need and really I haven't really needed it much. The only thing I need is a converter for my laptop so that it can charge when I drive. Other than that I am pretty much good. 

2)covid. Literally, covid is the dumbest thing ever. I went to the coast in Oregon and Lylah and I had some fun dancing on the beach together. When we were done I saw that they had a full bathroom so I went inside to check it out. They literally took the shower heads off and the knob to turn the shower on, ALONG with the little metal drainage piece on the floor. To make it even better they than put caution tape over it to make sure NOBODY goes in or out. I was not amused by this as I was needing a shower after a few hikes, running, and of course the beach. So in response, I went to a water drinking area and washed my hair and the dog at that spot since I couldn't use the showers. 

3)If you go to planet fitness to ask if you can use the showers here is what they say "I'm sorry it's for members only" Ok that one really got to me. Like I am willing to pay for a shower. PAY MONEY to shower. Yet they turned me away. I was pretty baffled by that. 

So if you are on the road and don't want to pay ridiculous money for your hygiene then I suggest Truck stops or body wipes. Those two things combined are the only things keeping me sane and from being completely disgusting. Who would have thought that showers would be on the top of my list of things to worry about. 

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