Stanley Idaho
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2020-10-18 11:20 by Sarah Denninger
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Stanley Idaho

One of the states I visited was Idaho. I had never been there before and the first time I visited (in the beginning of my trip) it was short and we didn't go very far into Idaho to really get an impression of what the state was like. It seemed like mostly wheat fields and towns of people in random places. We did a twelve-mile hike on a paved section in a town and after that, we moved towards the Tetons. On my way back to the eat though I decided to go to Stanley Idaho. For those who haven't been to Stanley Idaho, I recommend visiting it at least once. 

Stanley is a little town in the middle of four national forests. The population is 63 people and they have a cafe that is situated in the middle of the town. So if you are passing through or want to grab something before a hike in the area then that is the place to stop. So we stopped and checked out this very small town. The second I got my food and coffee I could tell that people knew each other really well. Even the kids that lived in the area were all close-knit. I listened as people talked around me and eventually I got to talking to a couple that had their Goldendoodle puppy with them. They were from the area and they were helpful on this little adventure. They gave me a recommended hike and told me that it was one of the best areas to check out. 

I thanked them, finished my burrito, and took my coffee with me. We went to this little hike and started the trek. It turned out that the hike was easy and all around It was a five-mile hike. YOu got to go to the end where there is a small stream but you get this grand view of the sawtooth mountain range. You can go another mile or so and you will hit a lake which is supposed to be pretty cool but I started to feel raindrops so we started back before we got caught in the monsoon that would possibly hit us. 


On the way out of Stanley, I ran into this little area of local hot springs. I got out to check it out and despite the rain, I got into a tub filled with steaming water and sat for thirty minutes soaking it in. It was free and local. How can I say no to that? If you go there I recommend taking a dip in the springs. It may seem crazy if it's cold as **** out but honestly, that is what makes it worth it. The cold vs the boiling hot.  

Idaho surprised me and made me feel all at home. I really was happy with the way things turned out and happy we got to hang out there before heading home. It changed my view of the state and I would like to do some more hiking through there. We only got to check out a very small section but it was a good one that I would send people to if you were crunched on time. 


Side note: They are only open for part of the year (the cafe). From what I understand they are open from spring all the way till late October and then they close. So if you go there be aware that the snow comes in hard and if you get trapped you might not be able to get back out of that area. The roads are two lane and take a lot of time to drive through. 

The area I did the hike in is also called Redfish Lake. 

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