Drown or stay afloat?
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2020-11-04 16:36 by Sarah Denninger
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Drown or stay afloat?

I know we are all anxiously waiting for the results of the election but I do want to say something to everyone that is willing to read onwards. 

We all have different beliefs, we all have different ideas of what makes America Great, and we all have different opinions of who should lead us in the "right direction" but, despite who wins this election please keep in mind that we are human. We will vote for those who want to win because we all have different opinions, thoughts, and ideas. That's how humans work. If we didn't have imagination and free will then we would be pretty close to robots and I don't think anybody likes that idea. No matter who is leading us people will be upset, people might get violent and you may lose a friend or two at the end but no matter what happens just keep in mind that you had the right to choose and that's just how the world goes round. 

Personally, I think that no matter who is leading we are all screwed. I don't like either candidate and that's just how I feel. Now I know some people who are very hard on their opinions and won't budge but then there are others who have the same idea I do. Just watch it play out and pray that we can make it through. It sounds dumb but in my mind, that is the cards we have been dealt with. No matter who it is they will make decisions that we can't come back from. WIth the coronavirus, we already are in deeper water than we were before it happened. Were a drowning nation and it's just a matter of who can keep us afloat long enough to give us a real candidate who will do the job the right way. 

Now that may never happen in which case we will drown. Maybe not today, tomorrow, or next month, or next year, or ten years from now but somewhere we will drown. Let's just hope that we can get through this and find a solution. Please be safe and try to be kind. Not everyone thinks the same and that's ok. 

So while we wait, drink a beer, have a smoke, go for a walk, a run, or just turn everything off and sit in silence for a minute. Before you know it this too shall pass. 

Be safe out there you guys and be vigilant. Things are about to explode. 

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