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2020-12-06 17:13 by Sarah Denninger
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Things have been slow going here in Florida. Once a week I go and hike with Lylah somewhere I had never been before and this helps keep her energy levels down. It also gets me out of the house. In about a week my job will finally start and I will have more to do than sitting around and wait for something to happen. Of course, that means more potty training for Lylah since she will have to finally stay inside for five hours at a time. Which will be interesting to test out. 

While I am waiting for things to start moving along I am also looking at places to live in Colorado since that is the state that I have decided to move to. Of course, things could change in six months but hopefully, it will be smooth sailing at that point and time. With a job I can do from home it makes things easier on me and I won't have to pay for transportation. Its a lot to consider and a lot to take in but I am ready to move onward. Lylah and I both need more than just drinking and partying. We need to go to bigger and better places. Places with more options and different scenery. 

Of course, I am also planning to make more artwork and make videos of our hikes once we move out in that direction. That way you guys can keep up with all the amazing places you can go for a quick vacation. 


If you want to purchase an art piece click here to go to my full gallery. All of my pieces are ready to ship out. 


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