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2021-01-05 11:24 by Sarah Denninger
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Has anyone made any New Year resolutions? I know with covid still being a slight problem (I say slightly with tons of sarcasm) it may have put a damper on certain ideals of what we want to do for the year. I know for me it makes traveling out of the country uncertain. Yet I would love to do at least one trip out of the United States sometime soon. Peru, Switzerland, Norway, or Ireland. Any of those would be a treat and just one more place off my list. With that being said I know that I have to first get my job rolling and when that happens I can finally start saving appropriately. 

With traveling aside I do have a few resolutions that I do hope come to fruition. 

1)Move to a new state

2)get back into my normal running routine 

3) Visit one "new" country (if possible)

4) Figure out a healthy routine since I will be working from home

Those are really it. Now the moving part will be a lot but I am excited to start this chapter that I have skipped for years. I have realized it's time to stop skipping the things I want to do because If I keep doing that, I might get stuck and never move out of my comfort zone. I may never really find who I am. There are so many things that in the unknown and I am ready to take the leap and discover what else there is in this world. Being somewhere where I can live a more active lifestyle for not only me but for my fur baby as well. 

If you have any new years resolutions I hope that the year goes smoothly and you get to achieve the goals you set for yourself. It might be a struggle but never give up. We got this. 


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