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2021-01-14 12:29 by Sarah Denninger
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Lylah and I went on a trail yesterday that was about an hour away from where we live. When I got home I started doing my best to get outside with her at least once a week but recently its been difficult with a bunch of rain we have been getting and with the fact that I have classes Monday- Friday (in the morning so really we can only go in the afternoon now). Yesterday the weather finally was good enough for us to head out and do some exploring. So once class was done we got in the car and headed out and got on the trail. Now the area we went to was Blackwater state park and it's one of the closer areas to "hike" in. 

Getting out of the car we did a stretch and then headed out. In honesty, I had been needing the time alone in the forest. I needed the fresh air, the silence, and the sound of nature around me. The start to the new year has been busy and I'm stressed and exhausted but hopeful. This new job I'm taking on is a lot to absorb and it's nerve-wracking that I took a leap of faith with something I have no knowledge about. It's all about me taking that step forward and really being the writer of my own story. There's nobody to watch me, nobody to fix my mistakes, nobody approving my vacation times or telling me what I can or not do while I am doing that said job. 


Even at home, it seems that things are going ok (there have been some problems here and there) and we're finally in a place where we can say that things are stable again but it's still exhausting. 

Coming back home I had no idea what would be waiting for me and the adjustment from the travel life to normal life has been difficult. It took me a month to get back into the groove of actually waking up in my bedroom and not in a roll down bed in the back of a van. Having A.C, a fridge, a washer and dryer, and my disposal for whatever and whenever I needed it was a nice change but also a weird one. Honestly, it sounds like I'm being dramatic but 10 weeks on the road not knowing when you would get a shower or be able to wash your clothes or where you were when you woke up was all things that I was so unsure of. All things that were huge question marks the entire time I was gone and having them 24/7 now is a privilege that I have recognized.


So with this trail, we were on I got to take a deep breath and thank the universe that I am where I am now. I was able to make things happen and do what I enjoy. I'm taking a step in a direction I didn't expect and I am working to make those things happen for myself. I don't know what comes next and I don't know what the universe has for me but it was nice to acknowledge that I am one of the lucky ones. The world is hectic and everything is stressful and exhausting. Getting outside was what I needed yesterday and of course, when we were done I got a drink at one of my favorite bars (we did 7 miles I earned that drink) and reminded myself that things are good where they are now and things will work out one way or another. 


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