Obsessed with Pool
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2021-01-18 12:14 by Sarah Denninger
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Obsessed with Pool

Recently I have been obsessed with playing pool. YEs out of all things to be obsessed with I was not expecting to want to be good at a game of pool. Back in the day (I say that like I'm older or something...) I did one game of pool and the pool stick had somehow magically cut up the side of my finger BEcause of that incident I swore that I would no longer try to play pool. Years later I met my ex and he tried to convince me to play. With the way our relationship was, I was not interested. Not even in the slightest. He made it sound complicated and pressured me in a way I did not appreciate. So I refused. 

Fast forward a year after that and I started getting serious with my current bf. We ended up at a local bar in Destin and somehow I ended up in a game of pool. I tried to refuse but in the end, I caved. A little apprehensive I played the game with my bf. I tried my best to not get too overwhelmed but after a few drinks and a game or two, I felt fine. 

Ever since then I play the occasional game and I do enjoy it. I'm not very good at playing but I do enjoy the spirit of the game itself and trying to get the balls into their designated pockets. I enjoy trying to do trick shots and just having fun at a bar. I'm not a heavy drinker like some of our friends so for me it's a great pass time and it helps me to get to know people. About two weeks ago I started to play more of the game and I even convinced my friend to play with me once a week at the local bar in Destin. She agreed. Just the two of us shooting pool for a few hours having a blast sounded like a great pass time and I honestly was happy someone was as into it as I am. With us playing a one on one game I am getting to know her better and I'm enjoying the game more than before. She and I are evenly matched so it's nice to be with someone who is on the same level and not just stand to the side while the other person runs the table. 

It's funny how things change throughout our lives. I never thought I would enjoy the pool the way I do now. But thanks to my boyfriend I now enjoy the game and can play pretty well. I can somewhat hold up to others. It's nice to know that I have changed in this way. I hope that I continue to see these changes and appreciate them as they come into my life. After all, we only have one life and we should appreciate the things that come our way, good and bad. 

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