Got the flooring
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2021-01-25 15:37 by Sarah Denninger
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Got the flooring

The time has come. The time to start renovations on the inside of the van. Good ol Gimli is finally getting the update he deserves and desperately needs. 

The good news is that I met someone who gave me a bunch of flooring for the bottom of the van which is not only amazing but also glorious. I never saw that coming and I'm so glad that I met this guy and that he gave me the flooring for free. Its a nice light brown laminate flooring that is super easy to install. Of course, the first steps aren't even getting the floor in. The first steps are literally going in and taking everything out of the van to then put IN the floor and going from there. I know that this will be a lot to do and I know that I will probably get a little frustrated but in honesty, I'm ready to get it done. 

I have a list of steps I'm going to do and I have started a wishlist of things I will want for the van itself. Of course, that list is basic right now and I'm sure will get more complicated as time goes buttttt nonetheless I am ready. 

I'm planning to record my progress with this renovation so keep your eyes peeled. I'll be starting renovations next week after I pass my certification so the process will be sooner rather than later. 

While I am getting ready to start this project I also will be continuing to sell art pieces and each purchase would help with this process. So if you guys can help me out that would be awesome. Just click here to go to my gallery. 

I'm so pumped you guys. Things are finally moving forward. 

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