How is your life going?
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2021-02-09 17:25 by Sarah Denninger
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How is your life going?

Long time no see everybody! I am so sorry for my recent absence from posting. It has been a crazy few months into the new year and I have been trying to get settled into my new job, running, climbing, and just making sure the day to day chores are done. 

As of right now, I am working as much as I can for my new position, and while I Have breaks I am currently training for a half marathon in Yellowstone national park which I still can't believe I am even thinking about doing. The last one I did was, what I thought, my one and only half I would do in my lifetime but it seems that there are a number of friends of mine that are going to go to this race so I jumped in on the bandwagon. It's exciting, nerve-wracking, and just crazy. Of course, jumping in the way I did means that I am a little late to the training but he, that's how life tends to be. 

While I am doing those two life events I am also working on the van. I took out some bolts in the floor and got rid of the broken blinds that I had. Next is getting some pallets and making a bed frame for the bed and taking out the back seat so that I can get that part finished along with ripping out the carpet and putting down the floorboards. It's a big job but it needs to be completed and soon. Right now I have a stack of flooring in the living room of where we live and I know it cannot stay there forever. While I am making those minor changes and slowly picking apart the van I am also videoing this progress so that you guys can see it as I continue to convert it over. 

AND of course on top of everything I am making new art pieces when possible. I have two pieces that are STILL drying (already have buyers) and should be ready to go to their new homes soon. Along with them drying I am going to be going to the store here to get some new supplies at the end of the week so that next week I can have a fresh set of canvases for you all to choose from. This new chapter in my art is super exciting and I feel like I finally have figured out what I want for my art pieces and for future buyers. 

So stay tuned for all the new exciting news coming your way. 


I have one final piece already dried and ready to ship out to its new home. It is down below and ready for a new home. 



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