Next van update
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2021-02-26 14:48 by Sarah Denninger
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Next van update

Part 2 update on the van 


In case you guys didn't know I have named my van Gimli and of course if you don't know what that name is from...well shame on you. Its from the class Lord of the Rings trilogy and Gimli was always one of my all time favorite characters from the movies, not only because he was a classic but also because of his ability to be hilarious about his own race. While I was on the road I noticed that the van was having trouble going up mountain ranges and would start to share his voice on how much he detested the journey and all I could think of was the classic scene where they are tracking Mary and Pippin and Gimli makes a statement about how dwarfs were sprinters. From then on the name was stuck like glue. 

So Gimli is finally going to be getting the floor installed this weekend. I'm super excited. I have the old insulation out, bought new insulation, got all the bolts and screws out of the floor and i'm ready to finally make the proper cuts andget this floor done. Once that is done I will be working towards the bedframe so that I can finally put the van to use. The fun part will be getting pallets to make that happen. I know that I can just call stores and get the pallets from them but its always weird trying to ask stores to keep the pallets they recieve 

So far the progress has been amazing and I am so grateful for this experience. Iv'e never done anything like this before and I really wanted to make sure I did it correctly since I will more than likely be traveling in this van closer to full time when we move out west. Its the go to way of transportation and I couldn't be more thrilled to finally be this close to my dreams. 


of course with all of this work means I will also be posting a video soon of what I have been doing. I'm excited to get to work on that and to post it for you all to see. I appreciate each and every one of you for following my journey as I made my way towards my goal. Its been a long journey and it is far from over but I am so stoked to see what is coming. 


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