Van floor completion
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2021-03-14 13:54 by Sarah Denninger
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Van floor completion

The floor in the van is nearly complete. Its been a week long project that took me quite a while to get right. I've never cut floorboards before and i've never had to install a floor before so for me this was a new project that I was unsure of. I really thought that I would mess it up or maybe need some assistance but at the end of the day I was able to get the floor installed and I didn't cut off a finger or have too many issues with getting it set up. I did end up replacing three boards in the van after my first time of completing the floor and now I feel much better about the end result. There were a few boards that I felt like could have been better cut so I went ahead and made the changes I needed and got everything in place. Seeing this result made me feel so much better and made me realize that there are a lot of things I didn't know I could do. I had no idea I could actually do any kind of labor like that and I had no idea that it would be so successful.


The next step is putting all the side walls back in place and getting a bed frame set up so that we can give it a spin this coming weekend. I'm excited to see how it holds up and to put the van to use after getting this floor all finished. Its a wonderful feeling to know that you finally are accomplishing part of your dreams. It took a while but i'm finally moving in a direction I can agree with and I couldnt be more excited to see the end result. I hope you all are just as excited because I will be working on the video and getting ready to post it here soon. So keep an eye out for that. Its gonna be so nice to see the video and to see it come together. 

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