The start of a nightmare
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2021-06-09 13:10 by Sarah Denninger
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The start of a nightmare

One of the worst things about a trip is when your getting ready to leave and as your packing up and you go to check the van to make sure everything is set andddd the battery is dead. So what do you do? Of course, you go ahead and connect the dead battery to a working battery to let it charge. Well, of course, I did that and tried to start it again and of course, the battery was deader than dead so moving forward I made sure to pack up the van anyway and then decided to get a new battery in the morning since I checked it later that night. Now, mind you the start of this trip was not fun. It was crazy, ridiculously difficult to get moving, and of course stressful beyond belief. 

So I get up in the morning to get the battery out of the van and mind you this van has been serviced before but the battery was pretty old so it was bound to die in the heat of Florida. After 20 minutes of struggling with the bolt that holds down the battery, I finally got it to loosen and come out. Once that was out I had to then wrestle the battery out of the tight spot it was in to exchange it at Walmart. 

Fast forward to Walmart and I get into the building and get the new battery not paying any attention to the old one. I leave and go back to the van, get the battery in, and realize that one of the bolts is missing. Sighing in frustration I got back in my car and went back to Walmart to get the old bolt that was stuck to the back of the bad battery. The people at Walmart had a good laugh at my mistake. 

Finally back at the van after a two-hour delay, I get the battery installed and bam the van turns on. Great so now I can get going. I get Lylah and we move the van onto the road annnnnddd it dies. Of course just another bump in my plans. Frustrated I go and get the gas can in the back for the lawnmower and dump some gas in there. Just enough to get us to the gas station. I get there, fill up and then realize I forgot things. So I go back to the house and get the rest of my belongings and head out. After four hours of running around like crazy, I finally hit the road and thought that things would work out from there....

And as you all know it didn't. It only got worse. 

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