I appreciate you
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2021-08-10 20:08 by Sarah Denninger
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I appreciate you

There's been a lot going on, some things that I'm not ready to talk about but I am looking into another trip here soon but going North East this time. There are at least ten states that I haven't visited yet and I want to also revisit Boston. I think it would be fun to go check out the areas up North and see what is up there. I've heard amazing things about Maine, Vermont, and of course Boston Mass. With everything that's been going on and my van now being fixed, I feel pretty good about the next few steps. A lot has been happening in my life these last few months and it's been difficult to get things together. 

I'm working on the van video, I moved recently, I've been looking at other jobs, and I've just been trying to figure out the next course of action as an adult for myself. It's been hard. Things have been jumbled and honestly, I've been really considering all paths in front of me. In the next month ill be 25 and that really has hit me in the face. I can't believe how fast time really flys and the fact that soon ill be hitting the big 25 is really making me sit and considering everything I want to do and what I need to do to get there. 

so many options, so much happening and so many blog posts to write. I finally am feeling like setting up my page again to post regularly and it's been nice to slowly make my way back to that. I know you guys have been following for a long time nad I appreciate your patience with me as I stumble in this life. It's nice to finally feel like I want to post again and to share more of my stories with you all. So get ready because I have a lot of choices in front of me and lots of things to talk about. 

Here comes more of SDTraveler and this crazy, messy life of mine/ 

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