Here I am, in a new place
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2021-08-13 11:09 by Sarah Denninger
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Here I am, in a new place

One of the greater things that have happened in my life is that I moved...again. Temporarily I am in Tennessee trying to figure out my next big steps. The circumstances leading to this was an absolute **** show. Like 100% crazy town. It was either I move to Tennessee or I be homeless and with a cat and a dog I made the big move, left my life in Florida, and came to this interesting state that my dad calls home now. The first few weeks of being here were an adjustment but not a bad one. In the long run, I knew that moving to this state would be good for not only me but also for Lylah who loves to go outside and needs exercise on a daily basis to be healthy and happy. Being in Florida nothing really challenged her and honestly, she would get bored with running the same areas over and over again. Not to mention that to get that type of exercise that she needs to be "satisfied" takes a lot more work and flat nothingness doesn't cut it when it comes to her needs. 

So with moving here I started to change my schedule around with my job and make it more possible for us to go outside and explore on afternoons or take a full day off to go-to hikes. Honestly, it's been amazing. I've never lived in an area with so much to do that it is slightly overwhelming. In Florida, all you have is the beach and drinking and being the outdoorsy person that I am which is So not enough to satisfy my love for nature. 


The best part of all of this is that I get to start fresh and really try to figure out what I want. There are also a TON of job opportunities and all of them are super promising. It honestly baffles me and makes me happy that the circumstances of my move made this happen. I needed this. I needed an escape from the prison that I was volunteering to be in. I hate Florida. I hate the humidity, I hate the beach, all the drinking 24/7, and just the idea of being in the same place like that for however long just made my skin crawl. 

I'm grateful for this start and I'm ready to make another big move in my life. This is just the starting line to something greater and I cant wait to see what comes my way. 

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