Confession to make
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2021-08-17 12:46 by Sarah Denninger
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Confession to make

I have a confession to make. 

A few weeks ago I caught what I am assuming is the Delta Variant of the big bad Covid. Oh, yea. I caught it. I honestly didn't realize that I had caught covid until my ex got a verified test back that he was positive. Of course I never fully trust anything when it comes to covid and it could be a false positive but I'm rolling with it. Now in terms of what it did to me, it wasn't nearly as bad as some of my friends. Some people I know had it so bad that they went to the hospital. Others couldn't do much exercise for a while due to not being able to breathe or feeling like their lungs were being compressed. Then there are some who didn't show any symptoms at all or only had the sniffles to show for this virus. It really has been a whirlwind when it comes to what people have been getting vs the news. 

Personally, I didn't know that I was getting sick. I was working a 10-hour shift and according to my watch, it says that I started to get a fever around 7 p.m. Me being me had no idea and had a drink that night and took Lylah out for our evening walk around. It was only a mile but I did notice that when I turned my head the world shifted a little. Kind of like that feeling you get when you step off of a boat, everything kind of sways a tiny bit as you walk. That was what it felt like. 

Once I got home I gave Lylah her food, let her potty, and put her to bed for the night. I myself went straight to bed and fell asleep as soon as I was under the covers....

A few hours later I was hot. So ****ing hot. I pulled the covers off, tried to make my way to the part of the bed that was cold, and tried to sleep but for about eight hours I was tossing and turning going back and forth between chills and overwhelming heat. Somewhere around 9 a.m I finally got out of bed. I felt like I was a sloth. Everything was so slow and I didn't feel hot or cold anymore but just groggy. Getting up I made it to the living room to let Lylah out and then laid down on the couch. Not too long after I found out I had a 99-degree fever. My guess is that I was probably in the 100's overnight but there's no way to confirm that. Just a suspicion. Over the day I slept on and off and just watched TV. I did manage a small walk with Lylah to let her get some movement and for me to at least attempt to not be a couch potato even though I didn't feel good at all. 

By the late afternoon, my fever was gone but I felt like everything was slow. Needless to say, I took things easy the rest of the day. 

Over the course of a few days, I found out that it was covid from my ex (he had visited us and of course gave it to me which in turn I have it to my dad) and warned my dad of my symptoms. I will say that for about four days I felt like hell but I was able to go back to work (since I work from home) and do minor things like clean, play with Lylah, take her out, and so on. I even managed a run by the 4th day. It was slow and difficult at first but once I pushed through the first mile I felt ok. When I finished up it took a little while to recover but once I was recovered I managed to sleep better than before. 

From there it was slow and I had what I call (and its gross) snot balls that I was spitting up. Absolutely gross and I do not recommend but it seemed to be a symptom of getting covid. Another interesting thing that I didn't notice until my father said something was that my sense of smell was gone. Completely gone. At first, I noticed that something was off about the food I was eating but it never occurred to me that it was because of my smell. Honestly, it threw me off but knowing that was also a symptom I started to note if I could smell day by day, and slowly but surely it seems to be coming back. It's only a few things here and there, a scent of lavender here and a scent of citrus there but nothing super apparent. It's weird and it's taking time but mostly I'm back to normal. My recovery time was about a week or so and now that it's been two weeks I can say that the only thing still off is the loss of smell and that's it. I'm grateful that I didn't have anything worse happen and thankfully I was with my dad to help him as well as he recovered since had a different experience. 

Of course, you cant stay away from covid, if you get it, you get it but do be prepared to be out for a bit and just be mindful of the fact that you will recover. It just takes time like any other virus. 


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