Tear out the top part of the van
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2021-08-18 12:01 by Sarah Denninger
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Tear out the top part of the van

This weekend I'm going to be taking the van apart some more. I'm going to be looking into installing a fan at the top of the van for the sweet fact that the van gets super hot and muggy during this time of year. It's unbearable and how high my bed frame it makes the heat even worse. Just trying to sleep you get the sweats and the windows don't slide open, the pop open which means very little movement of air. I think when the van was made that there were a few flaws that obviously can't be fixed but then again I'm sure they didn't think about how people would convert them into travel vans sometime in the future. 

In honesty converting the van has been an interesting time and since I'm going to be taking the top part of the van (the inside headliner) out I know that it's going to make things even more interesting with the fact that I literally will be redoing the top part of the van. I plan to redo the top and add lights, a fan, and then decorate the top to cover all the light install I will be doing. This next part of redoing the van will surely take some time to complete but it's the next step to making it more livable. 

I'm not sure where I will be going in it next but I am sure that I will be in the van for a few months and with that comes the fact that I want it to be more comfortable and organized. Right now it's just basics with the floor, a mattress, and bed frame installed. Of course with this next part coming up that also means the video of the floor install and bedframe will be dropping soon. It may be a little longer just because there is a lot of footage and I have to dig to get that footage and then edit it. I'm excited to go back to sharing more information about it though. This process has taken a while and I'm still really excited for the next part of the install. Gimli is slowly becoming a van that I have always wanted and needed. 

check the latest video to see the progress i've made so far. 

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